Keeping Your Teeth in Shape During the Holidays


The holidays are here! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we are in the thick of things. This holiday season may look different, but there will be plenty of opportunities to put our teeth and the size of our stomachs at risk.

Here's a few tips for keeping your teeth in great shape through it all:

Stocking Stuffers.  Avoid hard and chewy candies that stay in the mouth too long. Instead opt for clementines, apples and fruit. If candy is a must, choose chocolate because it rinses off the teeth quickly. Remember, everything in moderation! We recommend fluoride during times of increased consumptions of sweets. Add to the stocking list books, floss, new toothbrushes, floss-picks and sugar free gum or an electric toothbrush or a WaterPik.

Santa’s Cookies. Start a new tradition and leave carrots for Santa and his reindeer crew!

Keep a routine during the holidays. Hum a holiday carol while brushing. Most songs are about 2 minutes long and that’s the recommended brushing time; 2x a day for 2 minutes, then floss. If you need a little help, there are electric toothbrushes with built-in timers.

Drink plenty of water. You need lots of energy for decorating, shopping and additional cooking. Avoid sodas, sports drinks and juices with lots of sugar. Instead, drink water with fluoride to keep your teeth strong.

Reduce stress. Holidays can be stressful and that means grinding your teeth at night or clenching during the day. Relax your face and jaw muscles to avoid jaw pain. Massage your face and jaw or microwave a damp cloth until warm and hold on the jaw area. Remember the rule: lips together and teeth apart.

Don’t use your teeth as a tool. Besides presents and bows, the holidays come with tape and scissors too! For present wrapping and opening, don’t use your teeth. It can cause chips and breaks.

Visit your dentist 2x a year! If you have unused dental benefits for the year, see if you can make an appointment. Remember if it has been more than 6 months since your last cleaning, make an appointment. We now have extended hours:
Monday, Tuesday: 7am – 6pm
Wednesday: 8am – 5pm
Thursday: 7am – 5pm
Friday: 7am – 1pm

Covid Safety Standards. Your health and safety are our top priority! Caron & Jones Dental Care has chosen to implement infection control and sterilization standards that exceed any guidelines or legal requirements. This is our gift to you and your family. We have a thorough screening process and new protocols. We ask:

1. Please reschedule if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell or taste.
2. Wear a mask, they are mandatory.
3. Please maintain social distancing of 6 feet.
4. We will ask you to use hand sanitizer when you enter the treatment room.
5. Your temperature will be taken.
6. You will be asked to rinse your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution.
7. Team members will be wearing extra protective equipment.
8. As always, equipment is sterilized, and surfaces are thoroughly disinfected.

Enjoy the holiday season!