Caron & Jones Dental Care is proud to offer our patients Zoom Whitening for Life! Zoom Whitening was developed for those patients that are already taking their dental health seriously. The basics of the program are simple: for a one-time initial fee of $199, you receive custom fit upper and lower whitening trays and a starter kit of two syringes of whitening gel. If you keep your recare appointments (subject to conditions below), you will receive a free syringe of whitening gel at your professional cleaning appointment.  (Additional syringes cost $15.)

For patients that want a speed start to whitening, we offer an In-Office Boost. The cost is $329 and appointments usually take about 1½ hours  to complete. The combined package of Zoom Whitening for Life In-Office Boost and the custom fit whitening trays with starter kit and 2 syringes is $429. This usually takes 1½ - 2 hours to complete.

As with any program, there is some fine print. Below are the terms and conditions for the Zoom Whitening For Life program. At your next appointment, a qualified staff member will explain in detail and have you read and sign the necessary forms to participate.

Zoom Whitening

Dental Office Responsibilities

  1. caron & jones Dental Care will make whitening trays for any of our current patients age 18 and older that are medically and dentally able to receive tooth whitening, following a regular exam and professional cleaning. 
  2. We’ll schedule an appointment to make a custom impression of your teeth, after which the whitening trays will be ready for pick up within two weeks.
  3. You will receive the custom made upper and lower trays along with 2 syringes of whitening gel. Our staff will give you instructions on the proper usage of the trays and gel and answer any questions you may have.

Patient Responsibilities

  1. You must be a current patient on our active files, and must have a professional cleaning and exam prior to the impression appointment.
  2. You must keep your regularly scheduled professional cleaning, exam, and x-ray appointments within one month of their recommended schedule.
  3. If you are unable to keep your scheduled recare appointment, you must notify us at least two business days in advance. We will require you to reschedule within 4 weeks of the previously scheduled appointment date.
  4. One free whitening gel syringe will be rewarded at each recare appointment. Additional syringes can be purchased for $15.00/each.
  5. Lost or destroyed trays will be replaced at a cost of $25.00 (per tray) to the patient, providing the patient has kept their original models. If the models are not available, additional charges will apply.
If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a  ZOOM Whitening For Life patient, we will be happy to assist you at your next visit!